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TNT Gospel Radio: The Truth Will Blow Your Mind! You’re on the premiere site for today’s Gospel acappella music, best discussions on the hottest topics, and the truth in more ways that you can fathom. Check out our DJs, music, and more right here on TNT Gospel Radio!

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  • About Us

    Our purpose at TNT Gospel Radio is to profess, proclaim and spread the Word of God through sermons, acappella music and Christian themed talk shows.

    Our mission is to use the internet medium to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ audibly throughout the world. TNT Gospel radio is committed to use this ministry as a means to give a greater voice to the Churches of Christ.
    Our listeners come from different parts of the United States including Puerto Rico, Brazil, Kentucky, Arizona, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. Every Sunday we have live streaming of the services held at Hallandale Beach Church of Christ. We also feature ministers from across the brotherhood are broadcasted daily, acappella singing from across the brotherhood and remote broadcasts from Gospel meetings, debates, music award shows, musical events, lectureships and conferences.
    You can support this radio station by becoming a VIP member through www.live365.com/tntgospelradio or like us on Facebook to encourage greater listenership.

  • Trisha Johnson works on our team running two shows. She also helps other staff with duties.

  • Along with serving as a DJ, he’s also the web designer for the station. To request his portfolio, visit http://devondesigns.com.

  • Serving as program director, she helps to ensure a valuable product from TNT Gospel Radio.

  • He keeps the station running in tip top shape on all of its sites and locations.

  • Wife to Minister Glover, and team member of Phileo Outreach Ministries (the Church’s 501C3), she endorses the work of TNT Gospel Radio.

  • Serving as minister at the home where TNT Gospel Radio is located, he gives his full endorsement of TNT.

  • Radio

    Listen to your favorite Nonesuch artists on Nonesuch Radio. Just select a genre you would like to listen to.

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